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Veerle Ritstier Rick van den Berg - Rick & Veerle

Rick van den Berg
Veerle Ritstier
Rick & Veerle

The origins of a colourful cooperation

In 2009 Rick and Veerle met. It turned out that both had done the exact same program at the Grafisch Lyceum and continued studying at the Academy of Arts. Even the minor program was the exact same: graphic techniques. Finally and fortunately, the artists met in the graphics atelier at the academy. After seven years of overlooking each other they met just before Rick’s graduation.

Soon they moved in together and worked individually in their own atelier. Veerle was still focused on using textile whereas Rick preferred paint. Still, cooperation turned out to be inevitable. Themes in their artworks seemed to collide more and more and their shared passion for colour could not be denied. Their first joint artwork was an immediate explosion of colours. The following works were all brightly coloured and their shapes and styles started to merge and mingle very naturally. By experimenting with different materials and supports their series of joint artworks increased rapidly.

This series of works carries the name Origin of Joy. This title hints at the desire of the artists: conveying positive energy. The goal of their art is to bring a smile to people’s face and give more colour to their lives. By sowing the seeds of positivism the world will slowly but surely start to look more beautiful. This is the core philosophy behind the Origin of Joy.

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Domenica, 9 Ottobre, 2011

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