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taritaš igor - artist


Igor Taritaš was born in 1987 in Pakrac, Croatia. He finished primary school in Hercegovac near Garešnica and secondary school of applied arts in Zagreb. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He is a member of the art platform P_3 and the Croatian Association of Artists – HDLU from Zagreb.
Igor Taritas has exhibited artwork in solo and group exhibitions around Croatia. His works have been shown around the world via an online art magazine and portals. He is currently living and working in Zagreb.

About his work;
The spaces in which we reside posses an energy that affect us as spiritual beings. This energy lead me to work spaces of surreal and melancholic atmosphere.The spaces, in which the figures are set are made of a variety of textures that represent decay. With these decaying textures I wished to express the difficult life situation in world.The series of work are interconnected with time and space in which we live in, the colors and textures represent their inner state of being.
He depicts the time in closed and open spaces, as well the presencepeople, who create but also destructthe said space. The works of spaces are a metaphorfor personal walls, limitations and boundaries.The motif of ladder does however offer a way outfrom the assigned spaces into unknown heights;much like the motif of doors serves as a symbolfor openness, used by the author to transcendlimitations regardless of where the doors lead to.
Igor Taritaš raises public awareness about their spiritual spaces.
The blind witnesses to figures such as a black cat, or sculpture the Thinker by Rodin, or an observer in front of a wall testify to the unrealreality and the mystique of the environment . Black cat and woman in black in space are a bad thing, and the stairs and the door way in a better or worse future.The author draws observersinto his spaces by retaining their attention and atthe same time encouraging the freedom for theirpersonal interpretation and reading. The enigmaticquality of Igor Taritaš’s metaphysical works of spaces disturbs as well as attracts, byreflecting the time and society we live in ,like a kind of monuments.

Data di nascita: 
Martedì, 26 Maggio, 1987

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