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Świerczek Joanna - JSDesign


Joanna Świerczek's porceain  and silk creations and paintings  have been evolving from realistic to contemporary abstract forms, which embrace artworks depicting natural phenomena, going from the micro- to the macro-scale, concentrating on the illusion, created to the human eye by the array of natural forms. Through her art collection she would like to express her fascination with the immense complexity of nature.

She lives in the vicinity of Kraków in the Małopolska Province and has graduated from the English Philology Department of the Jagiellonian University. She works as a court translator of English, devoting her free time to art.

Starting from 2007, she was passionately involved in acrylic and watercolour painting, perfecting her skills in painting techniques. At about the same time she got interested in ceramic and porcelain hand-building, firing and overglaze painting techniques, and, subsequently, around 2012, also in silk painting techniques. At present her main areas of interest are artistic porceain and  silk painting.

In her art she would like to prove that there are, practically, no boundaries between various fields of art, just the opposite, they completely permeate one another.


Warsaw, summer 2010 - painting exhibition "Art Aquarium”

Warsaw, winter 2011 – porcelain exhibition organised at the Warsaw University Library

Kraków, Spring 2011 - porcelain exhibition

Tampa, FL May 2015 - international silk painting exhibition "The Message is in the Media"

Savannah, Tybee Island, GA February 2016 "ArtFest" - international porcelain art exhibition


Data di nascita: 
Domenica, 24 Gennaio, 2016

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