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Roos Eddy


Sculptors Who Just Sculpted While The Art World Burned

Eddy Roos. "My drawings are the result of my sculpture." Auguste Rodin
"People call me the painter of dancers, but I really wish to capture movement itself." Edgar Degas

In painting, movement becomes a linear gesture that manipulates the eye through a composition that supports movement. Gestural flows, traveling through a flat 2 dimensional figure are supported by a background that continues the movement. In sculpture, there is no set background and the figure is 3 dimensional. Lines flowing through the figure connect physical anatomy so that it feels as a single organism expressing a composition dependent on form, balance, and expression working as one. In sculpture, gestural lines move through the figure , but change deepening on your point of view. Endless gestures define subtlety within the overall expression, not possible in painting. But expressive gesture requires interpretation of the figure that has a wide range of creative possibilities. Representational sculptors who exaggerate the gesture and physical form , can bring more content to a work than merely trying to reproduce , accurately physical form as is. There have been many great sculptors in the 20th century who understood that the essence of their efforts was to capture expression itself, not subject matter. That the nature of the physical world is specifically interpreted as abstraction. Dutch sculptor Eddy Roos wants to feel with is hands the nature of movement. He wants to sensually interact with it. It is the deep Universal flows of gesture that defines our human body language. As with Degas, Roos isn't sculpting dancers or human relationships. He is sculpting movement itself and physical passion that transcends specific subject. Roos is a continuum of a Dutch figurative tradition that came out of ' The Group of Physical Abstraction ',

and united Dutch artists toward a deeper understanding of physical form in art. It continues a line of sculptural thought going back to the great Greek sculptor Phidas and moving on to Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, Rodin, Maillol, Lehmbruch and on to todays greats like Ung & Roos etc. Roos creates a stilled movement with figures floating within a tranquility and serenity. Females dominate his work and Roos prefers not to address the male -female dynamic. His drawings are thought of accompaniment to his sculptures. All of his work has an emotional passion that makes the viewer feel intensely. Roos proves that subject matter does not define a Contemporary artist as much as connecting to real human nature and physical body language. His work is timeless for the human truths it conveys.


Voorbeeld van YouTube-video Eddy Roos: a life of movement 1/3 weergeven

Data di nascita: 
Giovedì, 13 Gennaio, 1949
Curriculum Vitae: 

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