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pitti albino - pitti


( Brescia April 12, 1951 ) is a painter, percussionist and Italian artist . It is dedicated from very young to painting and music. In 1966 He sets in Rotterdam and then Amsterdam. Upon completion of academic studies He becomes student of Pijlmaan. During that period he made 45 polimatéricas sculptures. The first exhibitions of his works have place in Italy, France and Switzerland. In the city of Brescia, He exhibits works made with colored spots, of immediate expression, then move to a new artistic movement the “ESPANSIONISMO". In the '70s is the period in which Pitti is not interested anymore in classical painting, He gives new life to discarded objects, transforming them into works of art. In Madrid creates works of calligraphic style. His painting is considered by its extreme speed. not only gestural but also analytical painting, a painting in movement, gesture and colore, Abstract Expressionist style. In Madrid, He performs numerous works presented in galleries, private collections, museums and foundations museums. Follow by the Swiss, German and Italic periods, then exposing in Barcelona, Antibes, Florence, Frankfurt and other cities in central Europe. His Informal Art it is of strong emotions, feelings dictated by the heart. In 1987 Pitti gives life to EXPANSIONISM, a new artistic current of the philosophical principle expansive, without borders or boundaries. That is how the critics and art historians write it, Enio Concarotti, Luis Montane, Angel Marrodan, Josep Maria Cadena, Franca Calzavacca, Orfango Campigli and others. Pitti exhibits his work in the United States, in New York, Dallas, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. In December 1990 - January 1991, Pitti and his students, Paul Leaf and Maria Mondia Scapozza, exhibited in the halls of the "Casa del Cedro" former home of the Calini aristocrats, where they mounted a pictorial and sculptural exhibition entitled "A master present to save a master of the past" , with a fresco of Cleopatra made by Pietro Marone, a pupil of Paolo Veronese" in 1601,  At the opening ceremony of the exhibition were present civil and religious authorities, the Countess Calini and the Countess Camilla Maggi, elected the godmother for having promoted the initiative. In this occasion Pitti donated to the godmother, Countess Camilla Maggi, one of his masterpieces, which at the time she donates to the museum system of Civilization di Brescia Bresciana Foundation. After that a public auction is organized, in which Pitti, after his success in Paris, will offer some of his paintings to collect more funds. In 1992, He dedicated forty works to Georges Mathieu. Then will follow the book dedicated to the Gulf War. In the '90s with the critic Luigi Galli and Luciano Carini criíico becomes one of the founders and most important protagonists TRANSVISIONISMO. It is the period "Quaderni" and "Fogliacci" texts of Luciano Carini, with critics and historians Vera Meneguzzo, O. Niero, Gerevini Renata, Renata Navalesi, O. Campigli, Giorgio Segato, Paolo Rizzi, Stefano Fugazza and others. Under the direction of the critic and historian Giorgio Di Genova, Pitti enters the GAD "Gruppo aniconism Dialectic”. Pitti step down after three years to return to Spain where he will become a new voice in the international art arena. As artist, Albino Pitti received many international awards, his works are exhibited in Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, USA, Spain, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, San Marino, Canada, England, Indonesia, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark and other nations. In the Ateneo de Madrid, it is presented by the critic Joan Lluis Montane as "Pitti - the genius of love, space and color.” Years 1997 - 2000, “ The Whirlwind Route" is the book of the artistic journey of 24000 kilometers of art; "Pitti and Montane" exhibitions in Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Pitti participates in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide, is present in numerous magazines and art journals radio and television programs. In 2000 new works, diptychs, triptychs of enormous dimensions. Period “Posthac, Materiae, Comiter, Imagine, Aperte". Pitti, universal art of calligraphy, deeply spiritual form of expression that has a tradition of lyrical abstraction. Period "Sincere, Aequaliter, Sincere, Celite, Bellum". It represents a journey of inner 
growth that allows better understand the world we live in. In 2005 paints a canvas of 50 meters, in the Museum Foundation Marguerite d`Este in Balaguer, Spain; He offers his latest and personal concert as drummer.  Period "Image, Aperte". In 2007 he began his collaboration with the Gallery Art and Kaos, performance, "OPERA PRIMA ARCHIVIO". Pitti's creativity is not the product of consciousness but the phenomenon of life itself. It gives birth to a new philosophy of the informal, EXPANSIONISM "VIS". True creation is a state without mind, is the high level of spirituality, thought, emotions and expectations. From the book "Opera Prima Archivio" Giorgio Segato writes "Pitti the color of air", " Pitti’s world of the Informal", the critic Nicola Davide Angerame and "Movimenti dell'Anima" critic Gabriele Traverso. We must free the mind and heart of all distractions and concentrate on the meaning of art Pittiana. In 2010 He founded "art, world, force" in Rotterdam - international group of arts. In 2011, in Italy makes new performances, "VIS", "The way of life," "art, world, force", "The journey of life", "Christmas club Ferrari, He paints the hood of the Ferrari, formula 3 "," the artist and the model "," Eastern sun "......... In 2012 in Sofia paints the Filobus and supports the "Sofia European Capital of Culture 2019". In March 2013 the Museum National Gallery of Sofia - Vis & Vertigo. Performance "VIS - birth", "the path of life." Pitti exhibits in the main cities of art from Bulgaria, exhibited in the Museum Modern Art Gallery Sofia, Weart Gallery Monza "The Language of Informal". Ruse Art Gallery in the Gallery Jamiata of Dupnitsa, makes a performance, "Third Millennium, the journey of life" work of 30 meters. The Towers Gallery in Sofia, He dedicated to Christo a dozen of works. Pitti achieved many successes either in television or newspaper. June 2014, Manifesto tf the work of Pitti for the creation of l "Rock'n Art". Brianna Eventi, with Deus Macchina Matteo Giussani. At the headquarters of "Progetto Slancio" Villa San Pietro, Pitti exhibits the performance "Salvare la vita", June 19, Monza. October 2014, performance in honor of the Gruppo Gutai, and particularly the Artist "Shimamoto". Celebration of Japanese culture Sofia. November 2014 performance at the Lyceum Artis di Sofia "for the fifteenth birthday Lyceum Artis". March 2015 at the Art Gallery exhibits Centrum Forum di Sofia, "Tra l'attimo e l'eternità". Junio. Julio, in the Gallery of Art and Kaos of Alassio. "Inediti" continues performance. September 2015, at Weart Gallery of Monza, performance "agli amici di art, world, force". Personal from April 14 to May 17 - 2016, at the Art Gallery Pernik, "Palace of Culture". Titled, Space, Time, Memory. It will perform "So we are" with the special participation of Pedro Tribizon - Venezuela. Albino Pitti is one of the leading artists of Contemporary Art. His paintings are exhibited in galleries, private collections, museums and foundations museums. His works of personal and collective art are more than 500 and a hundred performance. There are 25 books dedicated to him… But as critic Guglielmo Gigliotti writes "For Pitti the work is not born, it explodes."

Data di nascita: 
Giovedì, 12 Aprile, 1951

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