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Phan Dang Hoang Hoang - PhanDangHoang

Phan Dang Hoang

my name is Phan Dang Hoang. I'm 16 years old. i come from VIETNAM. i'm freelance artist, illustrator in VIETNAM. i draw by prismacolor pencil. i was the first boy painting enthusiasts. i know how to draw in 3 years old. each sketch 'costumer' my much time and effort on average to complete a work of younger artists like the guy takes between 7-10 days. however strict requirements are not allowed even one wrong detail of a painting so i always meticulously and carefully in the light stitch painting passion growing up in my soul, i spent almost all my spare time to unleash drawing, creativity in each stroke, each color array.

i love drawing and i want to be a famous artist. to work becomes more complete i have not stopped practicing daily. and to promote their artists products to wider international friends, they will feel the arts and people of vietnam through my publictions on the create artist

the completion of a work art is extremely difficult so i use colored pencil PRISMACOLOR anf BRISTOL paper for my artwork. i think painting and color is how best to convey the feeling to everyone. i hope to bring my work closer to the people. i will alaways pursue passions and my personal insisted more their work. people throught i was too young to make art. but i believe tge art is for all ages if you really have a passion and enthusiam for the job you will pursue your own dreams and live with passion for art. painting is my life, is an invaluable asset that i get, i will keep it in my heart. i hope you will like my pictures, my work. thank u so much.

Data di nascita: 
Mercoledì, 3 Maggio, 2000

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