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Palermo Carmen



I'm a self-taught photographer. I love to experiment with every kind of medium allowing me to take pictures (from digital to anologic, toycameras and especially polaroid) . I love the contamination between the various arts and more I believe in collaboration between artists.

With the photographer Alan Marcheselli, we founded in 2010 the italian network and in 2011 The first Instant Italian Festival ISO600. Furthermore I curate and edit photographic books, I lead workshop on creative technique with Impossible film in Italy and Europe.

Available for personal and commercial shooting



Photography is a way to connect myself with my inner world and tell stories. Polaroid, with its slowness and its uniqueness, is the way to transform my visions in tangible pieces of reality. 

My interest is focused on the human being, on the study of the self-portrait as a cathartic instrument and  on the study of the body - both feminine and masculine- in relation with the space.

Data di nascita: 
Domenica, 15 Luglio, 1979

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