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Mould Janelia - Cheeky Ingelosi

Cheeky Ingelosi

Janelia is a fine art photographer from South Africa.

She has been focussing on conceptual and portrait photography for the past three years. Through her conceptual photography she invites the viewer to experience the inner workings of her mind.

She conveys her messages through her photography, whereafter she employs various methods using software to fuse different images into a cohesive whole.

Her images mostly portray a surrealistic nature, and is often described to be confounded and bizarre. Her other passion is collecting antique or vintage items, which spills over into her photography, often giving her images the feeling that it is from a time long forgotten.

Janelia is completely self taught and wishes to share her work as she ventures on this journey of self discovery. She creates under the name Cheeky Ingelosi.  


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Data di nascita: 
Lunedì, 5 Settembre, 2016

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