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Jacques Dendievel - Jak-Jak


Jacques DENDIEVEL prematurely born September 25, 1993 at 6 months having as pseudonym "Jak-Jak".
I am a young sculptor and designer I worked at ESA, Higher School of Fine Arts where I got my diploma National Plastic Art .I'm recheche constantly new ideas and concepts in contemporary art .
I work on mélangant visual paradox confronting the line and the curves abstraction. I share the principle that an artistic work can be finalized, which creates confusion and makes us persevoir of different feelings that it is such.
What good explanation, yet again, I have no desire to follow the way of a good explanation by asking word about my projects, too easy when you get leve when you born premature that your not your whole head, that your not finished, when your asked nothing is nobody and everybody maltraitre you because your supposedly different because you not understand in court, when your teacher you my of baff when your mother all alone tonight t 'deliver one layer because you memorize anything, when you pass the revised locked day and the next day you know nothing, when all its work and has served time spent is nothing to draw when you understand that your no logic, when were calling you crazy, when your set has the gap and for you alone recour attracted attention with his fist, when you die when your lungs believes removing you because your body before I was born thee recalls that in addition ta the neuroplogique disorder sequelae of behavior, you see the advanced and thee down world when every memory of recalls of hatred, when derierre the smile of your mother emerges from baffs when your city you scares, burns, cries, hits people before your eyes when you are trained in the hole and nobody observes you, when you believe have succeeded but enfaite your that back when you remember the shot your father that your ever, when you see your father tortured my mother through the window, when you can do anything when your prisoner, your own mother when you crach geule has a crappy birthday cake, when your only solution depths of your soul is draw of texprimer you invent a world where you can talk with, when you see your mother your paintings snatch your project your drawing your dreams envy of your joy your hate your rage when you makes you realize that your a multi dys disorder, and that othophoniste can bring you nothing if not only support you, when you know that all these galere of your childhood are related to this, when you hit your mother because you played these gestures when you started at the door only by your mother, when your no family, no money, your alone, you draw, you try to re-live, when you operate the link between dyslexic and préamturité you find anything when your rage, your hatred, your hardened and your fear expresses your drawing when you find projects that others do not understand, when you see the world differament, when you express yourself is not such Because of this shit everyday, not when your vocabulary and your art and one from your .when forced to ask for help so that other Mixu understand, you know that all your life you will never be able to get by you alone When your an invisible disability, and that the world does not understand anything, when you stumble you do not know how to meet you
When you read all his and that such a mess when you try to bound all these things and that the puzzle has nothing to see, when your always Off Topic in your project when your mind takes over, when your desire killed your mother, when you want to burn the other when you want to convey to other this pain when you imagine when your torturing these black thoughts, when your soul more when everyone tells you that you can not malgrès all what you can. When you thoughtful and want to end when your alone and weak, when someone asks what you are when your no friends, you draw, your lock all what you'd had for all his externalized in a drawing in a project!
When you even thou, be without! your a paradox the world has nothing to do with you!
For those and that which would have misunderstood me these phrases seem to me important to be pronounced because my background projects before all of my life it can matter to you, I do not wanna be like all those artists who explain concise manner, projects their world, just as all, I can not do this is not in my field, not even in my ways to be .mes real interogation my project are linked to whatever thing biggest, of itéligible at the limit of human understanding, my real project are disabled and préamturée ideas, not finished, and I could not finish it myself, because I feel réelement unfinished in this world that m ' surrounded !
I try to both a consolidated multidude feeling sensation, linked to expression emotion invisible things like dyslexia or water that is also invisible, I try all confronted by articulating disjointed forms of matter that does not coincide Overall, the easiest thing for me is the curve and the trait that stands out strongly! visuelement speaking have a vague fomes related to, but in my foundation of a project I always included prematurity and dyslexia. All my life I have said to be like the others, of the suivres to integrate me to be an example to be like them, I tried to suivres them with all the energy and determination that I was thinking it was the solution norlamlement to express myself, and I knew my way and my way of differences born of dysfunction that I must express malgrès the look and incomprhensions people who m 'surrounded ! ying yang on, black white, curve the line, merge paradoxically opposite thoughts, such is my impossible goal to you there! Thank you for reading, I apologize for the spelling mistakes

Data di nascita: 
Sabato, 25 Settembre, 1993

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