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Gamah Talana - Talana Gamah

Talana Gamah

Who I am and what I do:

Talana Gamah – Artist

Reflections and Rust

I’m a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, who loves to ride and restore my ‘bikes, and to paint. Nowadays I work mainly in acrylics. All of my art is brushwork only, no airbrushing or digital techniques.

I love mechanicals of all types, shapes, ages and conditions and painting same, although my art is not just confined to machinery, as I paint anything that interests me!

I’ve always been interested in textures, and find mechanical rust and decay equally as fascinating as unblemished chrome and reflections. I enjoy painting a machine in context, rather than just as a clinical technical drawing. So, hopefully, the viewer can see a ‘story’ behind the artwork – hinted at by, for example, a pair of gloves left on a seat, a well used patinated saddlebag, or even the setting the ‘bike (or machine) sits in.

My brushwork style tends towards what is nowadays called 'hyper realistic', but I also paint fantasy images, and produce sketches, and inkwork,  as well as rust or chrome reflecting surfaces!

Painting times. From commission to the 'tah dah' finish point depends upon the subject (obviously), but a rough guideline is around 3-6 weeks for a highly detailed image. So, if you wanted a special present for yourself or a friend, please bear that in mind.

When I’m not painting, fetlling or riding, I’m starting to set up a website for my art work, but in the meantime, you can find me here:


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