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Campos Jorge - Pixelart


Pixel is an artist from Santiago – Chile, who started his design career when it was still  hard to think that visual design will evolve towards technologies, as it prevails today. Nowadays, the use of technology is not only an obligation but a responsibility, as they allow us to record our history and also improve the design and artistic tools. Street art has been a main inspiration in his artistic development. He worked 2 years in taking photos of Paris streets, capturing street walls covered with great artists’ works, like Blek Le Rat, JeffAerosol, Miss.Tic, Lézarts of bièvre. There he learned, firsthand, the work of Space Invaders, who has inspired him in the research of pixel and mosaic techniques. Then, he studied  the applied design in religious and decorative mosaics present in millenary cultures, as Mesopotamiam, Greek and Byzantine. That was when he began to use this ancient expression, plus the pixel, to reproduce images, including this benchmark of our current digital age. The mixture of glass mosaic tiles and pixel has allowed him to achieve defined and simplified images, leading the synthesis of color and form to its limit. He has now reached a cohesion between photography, mosaic, the technique used in the Pixelart and dominant technological tools (software and hardware) evolved under current trends in visual design.

Data di nascita: 
Mercoledì, 1 Ottobre, 1975

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