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Ban Veronika


My work is inspired by life. Of course the artists often make the problems of their time and their space within it and the society the subject of their work. They question, cajole, discover and provoke. You can find all this within my works, formed through my experiences and the need to create. I believe that the artist is a slave to the need to create and the only freedom is the act of creation itself. Art is sacred but the world is no longer thus. It is full of arguments, paradoxes, destructions, hurry and tears. The artist´s role here is torn between the sacredness of mischievous poetry and the impatience of everyday life that constantly brings new situations and with them ideas and inspirations. As an artist, I am recounting the tale of my life, writing the poem of my discovery and painting my emotions, constantly filing time and space with unstoppable ideas. Somehow I believe artists have no deadlines and no break. They know culture and rules of beauty, but always hiding something revolutionary within them. Art should be a mirror and should give an option of perception to reach the truth about life, however it is coloured, personally or politically, whether it speaks about emotions of an individual or about the society we live in.


Data di nascita: 
Giovedì, 11 Luglio, 1985
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