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International Contemporary Art Catalogue 2015

Finally, we are ready!

For us to Arteide is a dream come true. For artists a unique opportunity to make known themselves and their artworks. For all art lovers or people working in the sector is a tool to discover new talents. In other words it is a window to a new world, a window to the universe, the Arteide universe!

We are talking about the "International Contemporary Art Catalogue 2015", a unique and exclusive selection of the best artists and artworks of Arteide. 

We wanted to make a gift to us and we hope to have it done to you too, that you are Artists, Arteidians or Activities!

View or Download the Catalogue here

Artists in the Catalogue:

paintings, mixed media, prints, illustrations:
Maribeth Amber 4
Marianna Ausanio 5
Simona Benedetti 6
Bernard Brume 7
Vera Bugatti 8
Patrizia Calovini 9
Sonia Carella 10
Anna Casu | Annika 11
Mateus L.B.T | Cavalo 12
Ileana Colazzilli 13
Diego Colello 14
Graziella Conti Papuzza 15
Cuboliquido 16
Helena De Medeiros 17
Eliška Devátá 18
Cristina Donati Meyer 19
Enrico Este | Empidosi 20
Graziana Giunta 21
Katika | Ekaterina Penzina 22
Mina Lagarde Bouhaddane 23
Silvia Logi 24
Stjepko Mamic 25
Roberto Matteazzi | Rob 26
Murgios Art | Pisano Samuele & Tina Cubeddu 27
Stefano Pani 28
Vincenzo Ruggieri 29
Monica Sarandrea 30
Nena Stojanovic 31
Hazel Stone 32
Robinson Tuon 33
Gergana Vladova 34
Wendell Well 35
photography, digital art:
Angelo Bressanutti 36
Giuliano Corti 37
Uğur Engin Deniz 38
Chiara Kija 39
sculpture, installation:
Alessandro Acquaviva 40
Monica Steliana Cirtita 41
Massimiliano D’Avanzo 42
Dominus Horta 43
Giovagambacorta 44
Kapt10 45
Karem Lamardo 46
Alin Neacsu 47
Rogier Ruys 48
Maria Teresa Sabatiello 49
Franco Sedda 50
Sergio Steri 51
Benjamin Victor 52
Jonathan Wylder 53
The works in this Catalogue are divided into three categories and are presented in alphabetical order.